Hello Marathoners. Welcome to the People’s Republic of “Da’ Bronx”.

At mile 22 and entering the fourth of New York City’s five boroughs, “Da’ Bronx”, what can bring a big smile and energize (some dance steps too) the runners more than being welcomed by Johnny Seven Rock and Roll Band playing and singing the good ole tunes.John, who had been disappointed with the poor to no turnout from the community when the marathoners made their way into the Bronx on route to Manhattan and the finish line in Central Park, decided to do something about it. He took his musicians down to the Bronx entrance point at 138th Street and it was “strike up the band”.


Now, a few years later, the streets are lined with both the local Bronx community and visitors, more music abounds, a local radio station – even a Japanese drumming group this year. The international runners, and the rest of New York, finally know where the Bronx is and loves their experience.





Johnny Seven Rock and Roll Band has certainly made the Bronx (DA’ BRONX) the most fun and relaxed place to enjoy the NYC Marathon. Put it onyour calendar for 2011. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

VISUAL STORIES from New York City by Barbara Nelson



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