Photography Workshops

I produce photography workshops and seminars for the visual arts community.  All are taught by people known for their photography and development expertise and teaching skills.  Most are held in the New York City area.  The international workshops are specially designed for small groups and held in unique locations where the culture and life still exists.  workshop page

SCOTLAND.  May 22 – June 1, 2015.  Limited to 10 people

Edinburg, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities (and easy to explore)  and the Highlands will be the base for this new workshop location.  Details to be posted

ITALY  June  3 –  June 14 , 2015.  Limited to 10 people. This is the fifth annual year in this unique location.

On location in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region , we will be photographing together in the environs of age old villages in the Apennine Hills and by the Adriatic Sea, where life is undisturbed by tourism.  The unique images captured are certain to be as different as each photographer’s vision.  The magic light of central Italy married with “living history” and local people whose famalies have lived there for generations will be the subjects you utilize to learn new techniques and practice old ones.  We will be photographing together at different times of day as well as low light/night time.  Regular review of work and critques both individual and as a group will be scheduled.$2950 per person. $700 single supplement.  Includes hotel, breakfast & dinner, all land transportation within the workshop and workshop fees, fees and tips.  details:, page

SPAIN.  June 22  – July 4, 2015  Limited to 10 people.  The second year for this very popular location

Galicia, Spain.  This northwest corner is a beautiful part of Spain and a unique centuries old culture apart from the rest of the country.
The locations will be Santiago de Compostela, a world heritage medieval city, a small, old fishing village on the Atlantic and a private manor house with ancient vineyards and grand gardens.  This combination gives a near total experience of the history and culture of Galicia and its great people.  The schedule gives enough time to integrate into the culture and provides a complete range of subject to photograph.  We will be photographing together at different times of day as well as lowlight/night time.  Regular review of work and critiques both individual and as a group will be scheduled.  $3450 per person (dbl) +$400 single.  Includes hotel/breakfast, workshop fees, all land transportation associated with the workshop. Details


Barbara nelson.  photographer, journalist, producer:  member PWP, ASMP, WICI,

Terry Abrams., workshop teacher.  Photographing & teaching in Europe & USA since 1075.  American College, Michigan colleges/universities, Maine Workshop, special assignments, numerous travel workshops.